Effective Business Development

The Problem

A “big 10” advertising agency was having trouble growing its billings. Although already quite profitable, revenue growth in previous had come about through the almost single-handed marketing efforts of the CEO.

With a current year objective of doubling the previous year’s billings, a new approach to marketing would clearly be needed if the goal was to be achieved.

The Solution

The agency turned to Human Edge for assistance. Using its unique Effective Business Development framework, Human Edge analyzed the agency’s existing account profile and target market, and identified a number of “growth” opportunities.

One-on-One Selling Skills workshop was then designed specifically for the agency’s senior management and client service team leaders. The objective of the intensive, 3-day off-site program was to equip participants with the advanced business development strategy built around account groups rather than the CEO.  The programme emphasized skill development and consisted of lectures, individual exercises, and specifically designed role-plays built on case studies of the agency’s real-life clients.

The Result

The agency’s marketing efforts have become more focused. Target market requirements are better defined and understood, and reliance on the CEO for revenue generation has been drastically reduced. The agency appears well on its way to achieving its current year billings objectives.

For more enquiries

Please contact The Managing Director, Human Edge Limited, 9b Onipinla Lane, Off James Oluleye Street (Harmony Enclave), Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos or by e-mail to info@heworld.com

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