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Consulting and Staffing Services

Consulting and Staffing Services are our core business divisions.  As a member of one of these business units, you will collaborate on challenging projects with team members from different backgrounds and disciplines, increasing your understanding of complex talent problems businesses come up against. The nature of the work will equip you with new skills and experience to help you at every stage of your career—at Human Edge and beyond.

Our engagements are demanding vary in length, size of client organization, and industry. Whether you are joining us directly from school, or as a more experienced hire, expect to work with clients and on projects right from the start—from helping to provide full-service human resource consulting services to a rapidly expanding marketing communications organization to devising a rewards and compensation strategy for a leading multination reinsurance corporation.

As your career advances in Human Edge, you’ll begin to specialize in one or more practice areas, guided every step of the way by mentors and an in-built learning and development system designed to meet your individual strengths.

Experienced professionals with knowledge and skills in a particular discipline that join us may can continue on the expert career trajectory while picking up the core skills that’ll make them into first-rate business managers.

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The Human Edge Business Services unit fuels innovation and delivers vital support to our clients.

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Working as an intern at Human Edge is more than an opportunity to strengthen your résumé.

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