Human Resource Development

Today, most organizations recognize the need to provide employees with the right knowledge, skills and attitude to enable them satisfy ever-increasing performance demands.

We offer assistance with a wide range of HRD-related activities, including:

Training Needs Assessment

On request, we can conduct an independent assessment of individual and company-wide training needs. Special care is taken to relate identified needs to each client’s strategic intent and business focus.

Training Plan and Calendar Development

Our experienced consultants and advisors can assist clients with the development of comprehensive training plans/calendars and help with the preparation of detailed budget proposals.

Training Impact Assessment

Despite the significant investment in training and development by many organizations, very few attempt to evaluate the impact of training on individual and organizational performance. Human Edge is equipped to conduct a structured assessment of the impact of training on your organization.

Board Presentations

Company Boards are responsible for strategic decision-making and visioning. Over the years, Human Edge has devised effective ways of guiding Boards to take such decisions on compensation and rewards, corporate vision and mission focus and so on. Typically, these take the form of qualitative Board Presentations on various issues that provide valuable input into deliberations at meetings and retreats.

Designing Human Resource Development Systems

Ultimately, all training and development activities must be integrated into a single system that ensures the availability of personnel with the right skills and expertise in the right location at the right time. Over the years, Human Edge consultants have developed considerable expertise in the design and installation of customized HRD systems that recognize the uniqueness of each organization.

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