Advisory Services

We are committed to helping our clients adopt a more strategic approach to the acquisition, utilization and retention of executive talent.

More often than not, this means having to provide the advice and support needed to integrate often disparate HR initiatives into a comprehensive talent management system that closely aligns with corporate strategy and objectives.

Our Approach

A typical advisory engagement begins with Human Edge consultants conducting a comprehensive review of a client’s current talent management strategy and practice.

The goal is to identify opportunities for re-aligning, enhancing or redesigning critical elements, as appropriate, to facilitate development of a more integrated talent management system for the client.

The client, in turn, is then better positioned to make informed choices as to which talent management initiatives are likely to best support their current and future business strategy.

A Range of Advisory Support Services are Available

Once the initial review is completed and our findings and recommendations shared with the client, Human Edge can then deploy a wide range of advisory support services to address identified challenges.

Typical Client Objectives

Although client motives for engaging Human Edge advisory services are naturally quite diverse, recent engagement objectives have included.

  • Ensuring that the recruitment, development, promotion and retention of top talent is planned and executed in line with organizational strategy
  • Enabling the organization assemble leadership strength in-depth and create the flexibility to meet changing market conditions
  • Systematically closing the gap between the client’s current human capital and identified leadership talent needs of the future

Areas of Assistance

Experienced Human Edge consultants and advisors can provide support and assistance in the following areas of the talent management process:

  • Recruiting and talent acquisition
  • Career planning
  • Learning management
  • Performance management
  • Reward and compensation management
  • Building a talent pipeline

Case Studies

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